Professional Photography of your Home:  What to expect and how to prepare.

Having professional photos taken of your home can be daunting and sometimes a cause for worry and concern. It is normal to not know what to expect and where to begin. Val understands this and has developed this document to help you feel prepared.

Why professional photography and why prepare your home for the photos?

  • Professional photography will be the “first impression” a possible buyer has of your home – so the photographs need to create a great impression and entice them to want to visit your home in person. De-cluttered and clean photos help viewers visualise living in your home easily.

  • Your home is unique and deserves quality photos that show your home in the best way possible.

  • It is less stressful for you and it makes the best use of Val’s time to have prepared your home before the arranged appointment time so she can get to work taking photographs as soon as possible. Taking photos is her prime focus, as opposed to moving items that can detract from the size and aspect of the home.

  • Note: Val may “tweak” some items if she feels they will improve the look of the professional photography. Her intention is always to get the best photographs possible and not to offend you in any way. If you have any objection to her doing so, please let her know this when she arrives at your home.

How Val works:

  • Val is a professional property photographer. She has the right equipment for the job and the skills to capture the best angles as well as all of the great aspects of your home.

  • Val recognises that you are allowing her into your home to photograph it and will take care to respect your property.

  • Val operates by appointment times and often has more than one house to photograph each day.   The time allowed to photograph your property is determined by it’s size and scope.

  • She has not been to your property before but on arrival she familiarises herself with the layout and takes in the different aspects of your home. She will also assess the light and sun conditions. She sometimes has to duck in and out of the house quickly to get the best sunlight conditions for the outside photographs.

Val’s guide to preparing your home follows:


  • Throughout the house:
    All drapes opened with net curtains either pushed fully to one side or removed from the windows. Venetian blinds to be open and flat or lifted up.   All lights on, including table and bedside lamps. Childrens toys and equipment to be minimised and limited to a small area. Store out of sight: personal items you do not want to be in the photogaphs, plus pet bowls, pet beds and pet equipment, exercise equipment, clothes racks and floor mats of a temporary nature.
  • Kitchen:
    Bench tops to have minimal things on them.   Dishes to be done and put away. Lights on above the stove top if possible. Store out of sight: cleaning products and equipment, tea towels, hand towels, dish rack, bread boards, rubbish bin(s). Kettle and toaster unplugged and wires tucked in behind the appliance.
  • Bathroom(s):
    Vanity tops to have minimal things on them. Shower cubicles to be free of personal toiletries and the glass dried off. Store away personal toiletries, bathmats, towels, boxes of tissues, toilet brushes, cleaning products and equipment.
  • Laundry:
    This room is not always photographed, but have it de-cluttered as much as practical. Store away clothes racks, clothes baskets and buckets.
  • Dining and Living Areas:
    It is preferred to have these rooms as de-cluttered as possible, especially the surfaces of the dining table, chairs, and coffee tables. Pop the TV remotes in a drawer or under a cushion so you know where to find them.
  • Bedrooms:
    All beds to be made and electrical wires to be tucked up between the mattress and bed base or behind the bedside cabinets.
  • Office:
    Cables and wires to be minimised as much as practical.
  • Note:
    If any photographs of people are recognisable in the photos Val has taken, she will blur their faces so that they are not recognisable. You should let her know if you do not want her to do this.


  • It is preferred to have no vehicles in the driveways, including trailers.
  • Remove washing and pegs from the clothes lines.
  • Remove the BBQ cover and Spa pool cover and store these out of sight.
  • Outdoor furniture looks best if it is displayed as if you are using it (ie chairs not stacked up). If there is an umbrella, remove the cover and put the umbrella up if it is a fine day. If you prefer, you can store the umbrella out of sight.
  • Store out of sight: garden hoses, rubbish bins, recycling bins, and gardening equipment like wheelbarrows, spades, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the photography or presentation of your home, Val is happy to answer them prior to the appointment. As an alternative you may contact your sales agent.

Thank you.